6 Dollywood Roller Coasters Thrill Ride Lovers Should Try

6 Dollywood Roller Coasters Thrill Ride Lovers Should Try

Roller coasters are some of the best thrill rides. You get to twist, turn, corkscrew, loop de loop, and so much more! Dollywood roller coasters are some of the most exciting in Pigeon Forge, so you definitely want to ride them when you visit. Check out these 6 Dollywood roller coasters thrill ride lovers should try:

1. Tennessee Tornado

tennessee tornado roller coaster in dollywoodOne of the oldest Dollywood roller coasters is the Tennessee Tornado. It’s a classic ride with a 128-foot drop that pushes you to speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. You’ll definitely feel like you’re in a twister with every loop you go through!

2. FireChaser Express

Kids who want to be thrilled should ride the FireChaser Express roller coaster. The train looks like a firetruck, and you’ll twist and turn towards a barn full of fireworks. Once you reach the barn, you’ll zoom backwards before the fireworks go off! FireChaser Express is the first dual-launch family coaster in the nation. Everyone will want to ride it again and again!

3. Mystery Mine

mystery mine roller coaster in dollywoodLooking for a little mystery? Mystery Mine is a mine car themed roller coaster. You’ll drop into the caves where miners searched for coal, but beware if you see ravens along the way. This Dollywood roller coaster has a few tricks up its sleeve, including a 95-degree, 85-foot drop. Another unique experience of this ride is being pulled up at a 90-degree angle before you twist and turn outside and return to the mines. There’s also an exciting corkscrew at the end!

4. Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod lives up to its name since it is lightning fast! Your adrenaline will definitely be pumping after you finish your ride. You’ll go from 0 to 45 miles per hour up the nearly 20-story hill. The car races down into a 165-foot drop, reaching a maximum speed of 73 miles per hour. Throughout the ride, you’ll be almost completely sideways, turning and twisting as you go. Don’t miss out on this exciting ride!

5. Thunderhead

thunderhead roller coaster in dollywoodThe original wooden Dollywood roller coaster, the Thunderhead, is a favorite of the locals. This exciting ride goes over and under itself over 30 times. You’ll be thrilled from start to finish on this unique roller coaster. You’ll enjoy diving and turning after the 100-foot drop at speeds of 55 miles per hour. This is one of the only roller coasters that runs through the loading station, roaring with guests’ shouts of excitement. You’ll want to ride Thunderhead over and over!

6. Wild Eagle

As one of the newer roller coasters in Dollywood, the Wild Eagle is a favorite of many. It’s the tallest coaster in the park, and one of the most unique. The car has 3D eagles on it, and the seats are on the eagles’ wings, suspended on the sides of the track. You’ll definitely feel like you’re soaring once you climb the hill and hit the first drop. This is another Dollywood roller coaster guests will want to try over and over.

Thrill seekers will have a great time riding all of these Dollywood roller coasters. Get your group together for a trip to Dollywood and stay in a large cabin with us! Browse through the available large cabins in Pigeon Forge today and start planning your vacation!

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