Top 5 Attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge You Need to Experience

Top 5 Attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge You Need to Experience

While staying at our large cabins in the Smokies, you are just minutes away from The Island in Pigeon Forge! This awesome entertainment destination is jam packed with exciting shops, restaurants, and activities, including some of the best attractions in the Smoky Mountains! Here are the top 5 attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge you need to experience during your vacation:

1. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

great smoky mountain wheelThe Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is the perfect place to start your visit to The Island in Pigeon Forge! This-200-foot-tall Ferris wheel provides a spectacular view of The Island and the surrounding area, including the world famous Smoky Mountains! The attraction features all-glass gondolas so you can easily see in every direction, and up to 8 guests can ride in each of the cars! Ride during the day to enjoy the views of the Smokies, then come back in the evening for a night ride to see the lights of The Island sparkle below!

2. The Island Show Fountain

The Island Show Fountain is a jaw dropping presentation of water dance and light, all choreographed to 14 pieces of music! There are more than 89 nozzles that help to create the show’s performance, including a nozzle in the center of the fountain that projects water 60 feet into the air. Be sure to see the show at night when color is added to make the presentation even more impressive! The Island Show Fountain performs approximately every 30 minutes and it is free for everyone to enjoy.

3. Island Bumper Cars

bumper cars at the islandAnother top attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge you need to experience is the Island Bumper Cars. This ride offers a unique twist on the classic amusement park attraction as the cars are circular shaped and have dual steering controls that allow you to go in any direction. Since the cars do not have the traditional foot pedals, most young children can participate along with the adults! The Island Bumper Cars also feature tropical background scenery during the daytime and flashing LED lights in the evening for cosmic night rides!

4. Island Mirror Maze

The Island Mirror Maze is one of the country’s largest mirror mazes, so you won’t want to miss this challenging attraction during your Pigeon Forge vacation! As you try to navigate through the labyrinth of mirrors, you will encounter countless reflections, never-ending illusions, and tricky dead ends! If you want to make things even more difficult, put on a pair of the kaleidoscope glasses to intensify the effects of the dazzling rainbow lights!

5. The Island Ropes Course

ropes course at the islandThe Island Ropes Course offers an amazing 3 story climbing adventure with 30 different elements, two zip lines, and one simulated free fall! Since there is no time limit on the activity, you are free to spend as much time as you want enjoying the course. When you are finished, simply walk back down the stairs or use the Quick Jump to land on the bullseye below!

Check out all of our large Smoky Mountain cabin rentals today to stay close to these exciting attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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