3 Luxury Amenities in Our Smoky Mountain Cabins

3 Luxury Amenities in Our Smoky Mountain Cabins

When we go on vacation, we love having all the comforts of home around us. These include a warm bed to sleep in, a kitchen where we can make delicious food, and a cozy living area to relax in at the end of the day! When you stay with us, we have all of this plus other awesome features. Find out more by read over this list of 3 luxury amenities in our Smoky Mountain cabins:

1. Game Room

Going to the arcade is a fun vacation activity. You get to play nostalgic games and win fun prizes. You want to try everything and the price of tokens can add up fast. When you stay at our Smoky Mountain Cabins with a game room, you have a mini arcade in your cabin that you can enjoy for free! They can have pool or foosball tables. Some may even have arcade game machines. Along with being fun to do, having a game room in your cabin can be a great bonding experience for your travel group. Everyone is playing games together rather than being spread out in a big arcade! Still need a prize for the winner? They can celebrate their sweet victory with a fresh-baked batch of chocolate chip cookies.

2. Private Indoor Pool

alpine mountain lodge poolIf you prefer cooler waters, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be happy to know that some of our Smoky Mountain cabins have private indoor pools. This is a great amenity for a few reasons. First, you can swim and enjoy the water without having to go anywhere. Plus, you can stay out of the sun and beat the heat. It is especially ideal during the colder months when the surrounding water parks in the area, such as Dollywood’s Splash Country are closed for the season. Visitors of all ages love the pool, but it is a favorite amenity of the kids. They love splashing around, playing games, and getting all their energy out. On the other hand, the parents love that they can watch all the kids in one spot and don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on them in multiple places.

3. Theater Room

Going to the movies is a popular vacation activity for rainy days or late nights. We know that the cost of gas, tickets, and concessions can add up fast. Fortunately, you can have all the movie theater fun in our Smoky Mountain cabins when you rent one with a theater room. See all the action in your favorite film without having to pay for a ticket. Before the show begins, you can whip up some delicious snacks in the kitchen. In addition to movies, the theater room is also great for watching sporting events. Sit back and relax in the comfy chairs as you see and hear every play. It will be fun no matter what the outcome of the game is!

Now that you know more about the luxury amenities we offer, it’s time to book your stay. Explore all of our large Smoky Mountain cabins to find the perfect one for your vacation!

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