4 Reasons You Should Stay in Our Large Cabins in the Smoky Mountains

4 Reasons You Should Stay in Our Large Cabins in the Smoky Mountains

Do you need a place to stay that houses a lot of people? No matter what kind of trip you’re going on, we have the perfect place for you! Our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains can accommodate as many people as you need. Check out these 4 reasons why you should stay in our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains:

1. There’s Room for Everyone

living room inside a large group cabinOne of the best things about our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains is there’s plenty of room for everyone in your group. The cabins are built for a large amount of guests, from 10 to 50 people. They will have large kitchens where you can prepare meals and plenty of seating for every person who’s staying in the cabin. The decks have a ton of seating so everyone can enjoy an evening outside while taking in the nice weather. Dens and living rooms are large enough for the amount of people the particular cabin can hold. You won’t feel cramped or like you’re running out of space in any of our large cabins.

2. You Have Privacy

A perk you should never skip out on is privacy. When you choose a large cabin for your group to stay in, you’ll have plenty of privacy. While you might have neighbors in a nearby cabin, you won’t be room to room with them, giving you a little more privacy than you would have in a hotel. You won’t have to share a breakfast area with people who aren’t in your group, and every person who is with you on your trip can have their own space, which isn’t the case in a hotel. You can’t pass up privacy!

3. There’s All Kinds of Amenities

game room in large cabin in the smoky mountainsSome of the best things about are large cabins in the Smoky Mountains are all the amenities you get when you stay in one! Spend quality time together in the hot tub on the deck of your cabin on a cool fall night. Many of our cabins have access to a community pool, which is the perfect way to cool down in the summer. Some of the cabins have a mountain view, providing you with a great way to spend your mornings. Have a cookout on one of the charcoal grills for everyone, and play against each other on pool and foosball tables in game rooms. The amenities will definitely make you want to reserve a cabin!

4. It’s Perfect for Any Event

Are you coming to town for a church retreat? Want to get married and have everyone stay together? Cabins are so flexible when it comes to your event. It doesn’t matter why you’re coming to down; a cabin is the best place for you to be. Many people book large cabins for corporate retreats or even a Christmas party. Large families who want to go on a getaway for their family reunion book our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains for their event. No matter why you are coming, our cabins are the perfect place for your event.

Our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains are the place you need to stay for your next big trip. We have a variety of sizes, so start looking through our large cabins in the Smoky Mountains and book one today!

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