4 Amenities to Take Advantage of Outside Our Pigeon Forge Cabins

4 Amenities to Take Advantage of Outside Our Pigeon Forge Cabins

Visitors love the amenities inside our cabins, such as the big comfy beds and a full-size kitchen. We also have some great amenities on the outside that allow guests to enjoy the Smoky Mountain wilderness in maximum comfort. Here are 4 amenities to take advantage of outside of our Pigeon Forge cabins:

1. Hot Tub

hot tub at a Timber Tops cabinThe hot tubs in our Pigeon Forge cabins are a beloved amenity. People love to soak in the warm water, listen to the hum of the jets, and feel their stress melt away. This is a very relaxing experience. Still, you should try to keep your eyes open so that you don’t miss the spectacular view of the Smoky Mountains!

2. Fire Pit

Some of our cabins in Pigeon Forge have a fire pit! It is a cozy little place on the porch or only a few steps outside of your cabin. The fire pits that are outside of the cabin give you more of an up-close view of nature when you sit around the fire pit. See the color of the flowers and look up into the tall trees! There is ample seating so that everyone can get a fair share of the fire’s light and warmth. You can also use the warmth to do a little cooking as well. If you want a sweet treat after eating your burgers from the grill, grab some marshmallows. You can cook your marshmallows just how you like. The fire can make them a little toasty or really crispy. Eat your marshmallow plain, or combine your sticky treat with chocolate and graham crackers for a classic sweet sandwich combination. Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely want “s’more!”

3. Outdoor Seating

timber tops cabin deckThe porches of our cabins also have great outdoor seating. Even if you don’t want to change your clothes and get in the hot tub, you can still sit back and relax on the porch! Take your morning coffee out here and have a moment of peace before another fun, action-packed day of vacation. When you return to the cabin, sitting in the cool evening air and seeing the gorgeous red and orange hues of the sunset will be a great way to unwind. Additionally, If you’re traveling with your loved ones, sitting on the porch is a great way to spend time together. Laugh and reminisce about your favorite memories of the vacation!

4. Outdoor Grill

Our Pigeon Forge cabins have a charcoal grill on the porch. You can use it to whip up delicious hotdogs and hamburgers. Every good meal deserves a friend! While the main course is cooking outside, heat up some French fries or tater tots in the oven! Eating in for a couple of nights during your vacation can be a great way to save some money on food and entertainment.

Our Pigeon Forge cabins have great indoor and outdoor amenities. We would love to provide you with a comfortable place to stay during your next vacation. Explore all of our Pigeon Forge large cabins and find the perfect one for your trip!

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