3 Things That Make Our Large Cabins Perfect Wedding Venues in Gatlinburg

3 Things That Make Our Large Cabins Perfect Wedding Venues in Gatlinburg

A wedding is a magical day! It is a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime. We would be happy to provide the perfect place for all the festivities on your special day. Here are 3 things that make our large cabins the perfect wedding venues in Gatlinburg:

1. Beautiful Scenery

smoky mountains in the summerOur large cabins are located in the middle of the gorgeous Smoky Mountain wilderness. With that being said, one reason they make perfect wedding venues in Gatlinburg is that this scenery is great for wedding photos. You don’t even have to buy decorations, and it is breathtaking any time of the year! For instance, spring and summer bring rich greenery and colorful wildflowers. In the cooler months, the fall foliage covers the ground in bright shades of red, orange, and yellow. When it gets even colder, you might even get the chance to see a real-life winter wonderland. Both the wedding parties and guests will love taking pictures here. They will be great to post on social media or frame on your walls.

2. Plenty of Space

Along with the scenery, another reason why our large cabins make great wedding venues in Gatlinburg is because they have plenty of space. Our 5 bedroom cabins can sleep as many as 28 people. If you need even more space, our 12 bedroom cabins can sleep as many as 56 people. A lot of space is good for many aspects when it comes to a wedding. First, the wedding party can stay there beforehand. It will be a great bonding experience as they have access to great amenities like hot tubs, theater rooms and private indoor pools. When the big day arrives, everyone has room to get ready and won’t have to worry about being in multiple places at once because the festivities are happening in one place. The ample space will make it easier on the wedding guests as well. Everyone can sit outside for the ceremony and then come right inside for the reception.

3. Incredible Amenities

kitchen in Pigeon Forge cabin in the mountainsOur large cabins come with other incredible amenities to make your big day even better! One of these is a full-size kitchen. If you want to save money, you can prepare food there and not have to have a caterer. Even if you do have a caterer though, the kitchen has plenty of room to store food for the reception. Our larger cabins have kitchens with multiple refrigerators and ovens. When the food is ready to be served, the kitchen has plenty of seating for all the guests to sit down and enjoy the food. Other great amenities include the living area and porch. They both provide great places for everyone to dance and socialize after eating. The porch may even have a fire pit, which is great for keeping guests warm if it is a chilly day or a cool evening.

We want to help make this already magical day even better. If you want a great wedding venue in Gatlinburg, learn more about our large cabins for weddings!

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